The History of the BloodSquadClan

Zinhu and Violet (former F.A.G. members) started their own clan, the BloodSquadClan, in approximately 2005, upon the urging of their friend Noir (aka Pico de Hule). Zinhu and Violet decided to name the clan the Blood Squad Clan (which is named after a brazilian criminal organization o0o0o0o0o0o Link ... Comando Vermelho - Portuguese for Red Command). The server was named DONKEYPUNCH! by one of the original members, Alchoska.

Some of the original members inlclude the following (although some names may be mising): Zinhu, Violet, Potato, Germany | Fubar, Noir, Alchoska. Part of the first recruiting class (and again some names may be missing): Animalboy71, Rabbit, Knight+Dreamer. After that time, Zinhu appointed leaders and other members.

DP was the 5th 2.55 server to have NQ and the first to have NQ with a custom mod (woo!). Violet did the paks while Zinhu did the site and  stats. When personal issues took over Zin and Violet's lives, the server was passed on to Knight+Dreamer - officially in August of 2007. Knight+Dreamer set up the first Leaders Council which consisted of: Siegfried, XynDicAte9, Germany | Fubar, Animalboy71 and Zinhu.

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