The History of the BloodSquadClan

Zinhu and Violet (former F.A.G. members) started their own clan, the BloodSquadClan, in approximately 2005, upon the urging of their friend Noir (aka Pico de Hule). Zinhu and Violet decided to name the clan the Blood Squad Clan (which is named after a brazilian criminal organization o0o0o0o0o0o Link ... Comando Vermelho - Portuguese for Red Command). The server was named DONKEYPUNCH! by one of the original members, Alchoska.

Some of the original members inlclude the following (although some names may be mising): Zinhu, Violet, Potato, Germany | Fubar, Noir, Alchoska. Part of the first recruiting class (and again some names may be missing): Animalboy71, Rabbit, Knight+Dreamer. After that time, Zinhu appointed leaders and other members.

DP was the 5th 2.55 server to have NQ and the first to have NQ with a custom mod (woo!). Violet did the paks while Zinhu did the site and  stats. When personal issues took over Zin and Violet's lives, the server was passed on to Knight+Dreamer - officially in August of 2007. Knight+Dreamer set up the first Leaders Council which consisted of: Siegfried, XynDicAte9, Germany | Fubar, Animalboy71 and Zinhu.

In February of 2008, Xyns+Wife started playing - in the spring of 2008, became a leader and began helping Knight+Dreamer after joining the leaders: Germany | Fubar, XynDicAte9,Siegfried and of course Knight+Dreamer and Zinhu. Later that year sox was made a leader as well as BlumpkinMan (who was a long time member but decided since to remain in the clan but not as a leader).

On April 29, 2009 the clan was officially passed down to the new owners: XynDicAte9 and Xyns+Wife (aka TuLiPaN). As of May 3, 2009 the new leadership council consists of: TuLiPaN, XynDicAte9, Knight+Dreamer, Germany | Fubar, Siegfried, sox, Makaveli, DtotheJ and honorary member Zinhu.

After almost 2 years of dedicated service, Tulipan and Xyndicate resigned as owners on the 1st of Febuary 2011, to concentrate on their real life family. On Febuary 4th, 2011 Siegfried and Jemstar became the new custodians of the clan. Soon after PoolQ's was added to the Leadership group.

The DP sever was upgraded to the newest NQ mod, 1.2.9 and became a dedicated 2.60b server on April 17th, 2011. Thus able to take advantage of the useful LUA enhancements. On April 21st a clan TeamSpeak 3 server was established.

As of July 27th, 2013 we established a new gaming community in War Thunder. An exciting new WW2 cooperative team play flight simulator game full of high speed, thrilling dogfights and bombing raids!

We began protecting the streets of London in Dirty Bomb from January 2015, just like Enemy Territory different classes of soldiers work together to complete objectives. It is a faster paced version of ET set in post Apocalyptic London.

The end of an era was realised in October 2016 when the BloodSquadClan's Donkey Punch ET server was closed. But the Bloods fight on in new games and the spirit of the Bloods will never die...Just respawn and go in new directions.

On the 26th of June 2018, we finally got our own Dirty Bomb server!

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